OM4G That Was a Big Launch

If you opened a paper or turned on a TV yesterday, you’ll know it was a huge day for Britain as 4GEE, the first 4G network, launched. Well, it was a pretty big day for the Fever and Nelson Bostock EE teams too, as months of planning (much of it conducted in top secret!) finally came to fruition as the press got hands on with the superfast new network.

Following September’s huge press event at the Science Museum and several different hands-on briefing events for the media in the following weeks, yesterday saw countless broadcast interviews, regional launch events right across the country and over seventy different test devices shipped out to the UK’s media. It also saw several of the team rushing out to get on the network themselves, and they’ve spent this morning bragging about 30Mbps download speeds on their iPhones. Boys and their toys, eh?


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