One little gadget turns your beat up Corsa into a fully connected car

Today’s new cars are crammed full of all kinds of great tech; sat nav, Bluetooth calling, voice command, cup holders, arm rests, seat belts (EDITOR: yes, we get it, you’re being irreverent). Connected tech is relatively common in an increasing range of models – from top-end Mercs and Beemers to your garden-variety hatchbacks and family saloons. Some even have their own built in Internet connectivity, or connect directly to a smartphone so all that tech you carry in your pocket can be used on the move. It’s the future now people, the future now.

But what if you don’t have the latest model car? What if you’re pretty happy pootling around town in your 15 year old Corsa with a dent in the door, but want to use Google Maps as a sat nav? Or stream your Spotify playlists, swapping between Radiohead songs/Britney albums (delete as appropriate) to your hearts content? Or even just call your mum without the risk of being pulled over by the old bill?

Our client Logitech has the answer in the company’s all new product, the ZeroTouch smart car mount.
ZeroTouch transforms any old banger into a connected car, enabling you to use all the great features of your phone while driving. The ZeroTouch car mount clips to your aircon vent or windscreen, and magnetically attaches to your smartphone. Once connected, the ZeroTouch app lets you control your phone entirely through voice and gesture control. Using voice commands you can dictate and send text messages, make and receive calls, share your location, play music, and navigate to a destination with Google Maps. ZeroTouch will even read out incoming text messages, so it’s like you have your very own invisible PA, except you don’t have to worry about remembering their birthday or like, paying them.

To launch ZeroTouch, we pre-briefed a dozen top media and influencers, including the Daily Mirror, Press Association, Financial Times, Good Housekeeping and Auto Express. Putting a twist on the usual product demo, we held live demonstrations of the product in vintage cars at the Classic Car Club in Shoreditch, and also used a driving simulator to let media get hands-on with ZeroTouch.

Post event the team hit the phones on launch day, securing coverage in a range of publications including Mail Online, PA, Wired UK, Sunday Times Driving, Pocket-Lint, Good Housekeeping, TrustedReviews and Mobile Choice.

BeFunky Collage

That’s not all for ZeroTouch – the next feature to be added will be sending and receiving email while driving. Just when you thought you were safe from your inbox.


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