Our paid social campaign helped Sharp secure the best dishwasher sales week ever

We know that the August bank holiday weekend is huge in terms of DIY and home improvement. That’s why Sharp organised a huge dishwasher sale with AO ahead of the big weekend, and we planned a paid social campaign to drive people towards the AO website. Since it was a short sale and window of opportunity, we wanted to make a modest amount of budget have the biggest possible impact.

As it was a short-term campaign, we knew it would be best to stick solely to one channel. We chose to use Twitter due to its targeting capabilities – not only could we do the standard age, location, and interests, but we could also create lookalike audiences of our key competitors. In terms of interests, we not only looked for kitchen but also DIY and home improvement. According to our social listening, these conversation topics have seen huge peaks throughout lockdown (not a huge shock), which meant we had a wider audience pool for these interests than we usually would. Helpfully, this balanced out the tighter audience that lookalikes offered us.

With a range of imagery available, we were able to A/B test to find the most popular images and copy. Our findings? Imagery that showed the dishwasher completely loaded, displaying exactly how much can fit inside, were most popular. Copy that referenced the speed of a wash saw more clicks, showing our ideal audience are very busy people ⏰

In the end, we saw our highest click through rate to date (4.64%), and our client informed us that AO and Sharp had their best dishwasher sale week ever.

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