Q&A: Phoebe Nelms

Meet Phoebe. She likes George Michael and Madonna. She’s a keeper.

A campaign that’s inspired me is… I was inspired by Penguin Random House doing the The Unburnable Book campaign which made such a stand after a report showed that over 1,500 books were being burned in the space of 9 months as part of a movement to BAN books (?!). To make it even better, the book chosen was The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood was printed on fire resistant materials normally reserved for aerospace engineering.

My morning social routine is… My screentime for TikTok and Instagram is absolutely outrageous. 2 more TikTok’s then I’ll get up 😉

My cultural jam is… the entirety of my playlists being made up of iconic 80’s music. Give me George Michael and Madonna forever

My professional superpower is… replying to messages so quick- the fear of having an unread message is unbearable

Do you have any hobbies/talents that you keep on the dl? Being able to reference any TikTok/Vine ever made. Some say it’s a blessing, others say it’s a curse.


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