Presenting… Ode to Die Hard

Every Christmas, a debate between households, friends and family, and even colleagues comes back around. No, not when to put up the tree. But, is Die Hard a Christmas movie? In our opinion, 100 times yes!

This year, to showcase the range of must watch Christmas movies on the slate, and to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary, we helped Disney+ put an end to the debate once and for all. How? With a truly bombastic tribute to one of the best action films of all time. Using some inspiration from the soundtrack – Beethoven’s Ode to Joy – we penned a 2023 rendition, with a Die Hard twist to the iconic Christmas Carol, clearing up just why it is. Holly? Check. Christmas Party? Check. Sleigh bells? Plenty.

The masterpiece ‘Ode to Die Hard’ was sung by operatic tenor, Alfie Boe, and backed by The Kingdom Choir.

We captured their incredible talents in a suitably Christmas music video – with Christmas jumpers galore and epic Christmas trees adorned with Disney+ baubles and gifts.

‘Ode to Die’ Hard was released on the day of the movie’s anniversary in the UK, before going wild on social – with a total of 3.2 million people watching the video and still debating its Christmas credentials. It was so popular, 1.2 million watched it on Alfie’s TikTok alone.

Media loved it, with 40 pieces of coverage secured, including this great piece on Express, and Alfie took to TV sofa on Sky News and Morning Live, as well as interviews with BBC Radio 5 Live and Classic FM to help settle the debate.

If you’re still debating, why not check out the video here, Stream the movie on Disney+ (makes perfect Christmas Eve watching), or check out the lyrics below.

Die Hard is a Christmas movie

A fact that no one can deny

If you still doubt its festive cred

Then here’s some Yuletide reasons why


It’s set at a Christmas party

Taking place on Christmas Eve

The most festive time of year

All non-believers must agree

John McClane’s wished “merry Christmas”

When he lands at LAX 

Sleigh bells ring at one minute fifty

Festive so far? Yes, you bet!


Then there’s John’s wife

Her name’s Holly 

How many more clues? Is this enough? 

The only thing missing is a Christmas turkey

But Hans Gruber does get stuffed


Twelve villains crash the party

Twelve days of Christmas


We think not

Eighteen mentions of the word “Christmas”

Quite the merry melting pot


Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? 

We’ve proved that beyond a doubt

So John McClane’s a festive hero


Hans, over and out!



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