Putting a contemporary British twist on Swedish Midsommar

Putting a contemporary British twist on Swedish Midsommar

Swedish Midsommar traditionally marks the start of the summer holidays, with family and friends gathering for meals, drinks and parties. Central to the celebrations is flowers, with maypoles, flower crowns and huge floral displays decorating homes and gardens. Taking this tradition, we’re encouraging Brits to embrace the Scandi ways while adding a modern British twist.

Working with the Flower Council of Holland, we’ve created a whole raft a content (#content) in collaboration with some amazing Swedish partners. Key to any British party, Swedish inspired or otherwise, is the booze and snacks, and our brilliant chef Steffi Knowles-Dellner rose to the challenge, whipping up amazing recipes for cocktails and tasty treats based on seasonal ingredients, Swedish traditions and of course edible flowers. Next up Nordic Twigs created flower crowns to help you get the look. Finally, WORM LONDON transformed an outdoor dining table to create the bougiest of picnics.

Putting a contemporary British twist on Swedish Midsommar

Our role with the flower powers spans social, influencer, editorial and PR so everything we create needs to work across multiple channels. We had some beautiful photography of each element, some shot specifically for Insta, some for PR purposes and others designed to illustrate our web articles. We captured the tablescape as a video specifically for Facebook, and behind-the-scenes was grabbed in portrait videos for Stories.

There are so many amazing results we could pull out but if you’ve read this far we know our luck is going to run out imminently. Stay with us, this is just a snapshot:

  • A reach of 309k on our social posts, with a strong organic performance
  • 6.9% engagement rate on our owned social channels, with a MASSIVE 17.5% on Instagram (a cool £0.03 CPE, no biggie)
  • 6x media features, including Red (x2), YOU, London Post and House Beautiful and a whole load of editorial channel social shares
  • 80k video views, with a 95% watch rate far above expectations

We always aim to create content that we know works for our own channels and appeals to our audience but also has the strength to travel in earnt spaces, and for midsommar it’s all gone down a storm. That’s all for this one, now go and enjoy summer like the Swedish do (just in time for Mama Mia  2, ideal).


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