Q&A: Amelia Salmon

This month, we caught up with our superstar Account Assistant Amelia Salmon, who is celebrating her one-year anniversary at Fever! Amelia only spent 2 months in the office before we all headed off to sit at our kitchen tables, but certainly made a big impact on the teams, securing coverage in Metro, The Independent and Dork – to name a few.

I can tell a campaign is succeeding when…Your adrenaline is pumping, you see the national headline appear, everyone loses their mind for a second as the thrill runs through the team. It really is the best part of the job!

I eat… Honestly anything and everything (except fennel, people enjoy that fennel scares me). My favourite would have to be Japanese cuisine, nothing beats a hearty ramen in the winter and some fresh sushi in the summer.

The worst thing anyone has said to me is… “I don’t understand the hype with Schitts Creek’”. I’m sorry, do you have a heart made of stone???

This time next year, I’ll be… Literally anywhere but my house, talking about anything but the past 2 years.

Espresso martini or beer? Espresso Martini definitely! It combines the two biggest loves in my life, alcohol and coffee, both of which make me a significantly more fun and interesting version of myself. I would say that an ice cold beer on a sunny day hits the spot, but I’m not sure I want to tempt fate by associating a summers day with Corona just yet…

Where do you see the future of media relations? It’s so tricky to say, whilst technology has completely changed the way we communicate in the digital world, I think it’s created a longing for more human interaction at work. We miss a hearty lunch or drinks with a journalist, getting to know the person behind the email address, going to events and relishing in free alcohol. You have to be a social animal to love this job and I honestly think the more online we go, the more we don’t want to be online!



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