Q&A: Claudia Langford

Get to know our latest team member, Senior Account Manager, Claudia, with a little Q&A:

A campaign that’s inspired me is…

In 2019 I had the honour of representing Ireland at the Cannes Young Lion competition at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity and I got to see some incredible campaigns and work from all over the world. One that’s still engrained in my memory to this day is The Tampon Book from The Female Company. In Germany, many luxury goods like caviar, truffles, and oil paintings are granted a reduced tax rate of 7 per cent. Tampons, however, are subject to the top VAT rate of 19 per cent. The Female Company wanted to take action against this discriminatory taxation, so, they decided to outsmart the tax law through its own regulations by selling organic tampons packaged in a book. Offering 45 pages of proactive illustrations and empowering content on the topic of menstruation, taboos, and feminism, the book is a lot more than just really smart packaging.

My morning social routine is…

Instagram and TikTok scrolling with a cup of Barry’s (Irish tea)!

My professional superpower is…

Shooting the breeze with clients and media; I love building and nurturing relationships, especially with new people.

Do you have any hobbies/talents that you keep on the downlow?

As a child I used to ice skate but stopped when I hit my teenage years. My 2024 resolution is to pick it back up again…hoping I don’t break any limbs in the process!

My cultural jam is…

I’m a big foodie and especially love trying new food spots around London. The Tamil Crown in Angel is next on my list.


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