Q&A: Ednabel Dawit

Get to know our newest team member Ednabel!


A campaign that’s inspired me is…

When I used to work at Lego, their ‘Lego Rebuild the World’ campaign was huge in inspiring kids and adults to let their creativity run wild and I would say that it was very refreshing and inspiring to see.

My morning social routine is…

Wish I could say that I don’t procrastinate on my phone in the morning but that would be a lie. Scrolling through Instagram and Tik Tok is part of my routine.

My professional superpower is…

I have to write things out because I’m very much a visual learner. So, without a list or some sort of written brainstorm my brain feels cluttered

Do you have any hobbies/talents that you keep on the downlow?

I used to play piano when I was younger until I was Grade 5 then unfortunately left it behind. But, I do hope to one day go back to it

My cultural jam is…

Anything to do with music and you have my attention. I love RnB, Rap, Jazz etc. I am always listening to music to the point that my Spotify listening time last year was a whole 98,894 minutes loool.



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