Q&A: Josh Simon

One of our newest recruits, Account Manager Josh Simon, tells us all about his love of Espresso Martinis, Disney, oh and PR…

I can tell a campaign is succeeding when it is timely, contains compelling and exciting hooks and bites and most importantly resonates with the brand or company’s viewers or reach. It’s not always about numbers but impacting the right people. It’s all well and good getting a story in a big title, but if it doesn’t fit with who you need to be talking to, there is no point in simply aiming for a large reach in the wrong places.

My morning social routine is just checking Twitter for life updates! Although I have nearly thought Beyoncé passed away as she was trending… it’s great for instant updates on fake news…

I eat almost everything – my favourite foods being cheese and dim sum (not together obviously) – I have the most childish food favourites though which include candy floss, popcorn and ice cream with only rainbow sprinkles from the Ice cream fan!

The worst thing anyone has ever said to me is “You’ll never make it in PR” – But now I’ve worked with some of the most amazing brands and clients including Harry Potter, Disney and Kangol to name just a few and I’ve met some of the best people in the industry. I always have my Grandma’s hard advice in the back of my head, even at the most hardest of times in my career “Stick with a graft that you love and never give up” – it’s always in the back of my mind! She was and will always be my biggest role model.

This time next year, I’ll be Engaged? Owning a dog? Winning the lottery? I don’t know for sure but I know I’ll be still at Fever PR (if they let me!) Hopefully I’ll also have re-booked my Disney world / Harry Potter World Orlando trip – literally cannot wait.

Espresso martini or beer? ALWAYS Espresso Martini, a coffee based cocktail (two of my favourite drinks combined? How could I not). Espresso Martinis are a GOD TIER drink.

Where do you see the future of PR? Growing and forever changing! I know this seems so cliché but I’ve moved through the “Old School” PR world to the current, more integrated PR world. Things change so rapidly and quickly, which makes PR the most exciting industry to be a part of. What I hope to see is an industry more diverse and more inclusive.


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