Q&A: Lauren Sirr

She’s back from maternity leave with a bang, so we (virtually) sat down with Senior Account Director Lauren Sirr to find out the answers to the big questions: How was mat leave? What have you been eating? Where do you see the future of comms?

I can tell a campaign is succeeding when… Well in pre-covid times it would’ve been when I could hear the buzz in the office, cheers across the desks as the next piece of coverage goes live, and the rush to get the newspapers the next morning after a hard days sell-in. Followed by the obligatory Crosstown Doughnuts feast watered down with a generous side of prosecco at noon after work … HOW WE MISS THOSE DAYS. Now it’s the influx of coverage links, followed by copius champagne and clapping GIFs, and the beautiful smiling faces of colleagues on our next video meet!

I eat… When I am hungry, not hungry, tired, happy, sad, excited, nervous, bored, busy…the list goes on. I live for all savoury food particularly anything cooked by my super talented Burmese Nan who makes the best curry in the world.

The worst thing anyone has said to me is… I was in a bar and a handsome stranger told me I looked like someone famous…..I waited to find out more, preparing myself to hear the name of someone fabulous before hearing….. “yeah, Wagner from the X-Factor”

This time next year, I’ll be… Hopefully sunning myself somewhere exotic with an ice-cold beverage in my hand, wearing no face mask and without red raw overly sanitised hands that smell vaguely like cheap vodka (although I am happy to deal with the smell if it has been caused by my spilt ice-cold beverage, cheap or otherwise).

Espresso martini or beer? A couple of years ago I would’ve said neither. I tolerate caffeine like a five-year-old, I would be bouncing off the walls. Rewind to a trip to Thailand – there was nothing nicer than an ice-cold Singha beer in the sun by the pool and I have never looked back.

Where do you see the future of comms? I think, and hope, we will see a more inclusive and kind media and marketing landscape. Things are changing in the right direction but there is still a way to go. From a moral, and corporate social responsibility perspective this should be a priority – in comms and also in life(!)-but brands also need to realise that if they want to stay relevant and respected by their consumer and potential consumer base, they need to make a change. Not just with their external message – it needs to be authentic change that comes from within. Here’s to a kinder and all-inclusive future!



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