Q&A: Natalie Cox

Meet our new PR Account Assistant, Natalie Cox! Natalie joined us last week and her first day was a trip to Margate. I mean, what an introduction! And she came back the next day – so we couldn’t of scared her off that much! Natalie joins the PR team working on NOW, Sky News and Labtech.

A campaign that’s inspired me is Duolingo’s TikTok account. The company uses daily funny trends on the app to relate to their business- teaming up with celebrities in videos and the comments whilst using their owl mascot in every video. They are bringing Duolingo to a new generation and maximising brand awareness to younger generations in an innovative and relatable way.

My morning social routine includes a lot of TikTok and Instagram catching up, followed by a YouTube video or podcast in the background while I get ready for the day.

My cultural jam is documentaries – I love binging documentaries in all genres, from true crime to lifestyle. My head is now full of a lot of random facts!

My professional superpower is my organisation skills- colour coding everything is how I get through life.

Hobbies: I went to university to do musical theatre so I love singing, and also play violin and piano! I also love going to events and cafes/bars in London with my best friends and blogging it all.


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