Q&A: Neil Carr

Say hi to our new team member, Social Account Director, Neil Carr! Get to know him with a little Fever Q&A…

1. A campaign that’s inspired me is…

Tommee Tippee’s ‘The Boob Life’. A true insight-led campaign that addressed the concerns of real mums – that breastfeeding is under-acknowledged in the media and society and needs to be spoken about more openly and honestly.

Showcasing real scenes and stories of feeding, the film garnered national coverage and sparked public conversation around the controversial policies of advertising bodies (i.e., where it was pulled for being ‘indecent due to adult content and excess nudity’).

 2. My morning social routine is…

Alexa = weather, Apple = News, Social = Culture

 3. My professional superpower is…

Asking the right question(s). Whether it’s a client brief, an operational ask or something different, a great question goes a long way to getting under the skin of a problem – and finding the right solution.

 4. Do you have any hobbies/talents that you keep on the downlow?

Perhaps semi-musical… I played the keyboard as a kid, was in the town choir for many years, and studied music at college too. Although these days I save my singing for the shower.

 5. My cultural jam is…

90s nostalgia

Welcome to the team Neil!


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