Q&A: Will Holloway

Our brand new Creative Director Roger Federer  Will Holloway answers our six big questions…

I can tell a campaign is succeeding when… it turns up on my Twitter feed in posts that I didn’t write!

I eat… what I see on Instagram. I follow pretty much every chef and restaurant in the N16 area and I’m extremely suggestible! If I had to choose one thing though it would be the Miso and white chocolate cookies from Ester’s in Stoke Newington.

The worst thing anyone has said to me is… you look like if Rodger Federer let himself go (thanks random drunk guy in the beer garden at Cargo).

This time next year, I’ll be… in a pub with a roaring log fire surrounded by more than 6 friends in a Covid-free world talking about how the last 18 months felt like a weird dream.

Espresso martini or beer? If you asked me this question 5 years ago then definitely Espresso martini as I feel like it was a cocktail invented for PRs working late night client event – caffeine to keep you going and vodka to keep conversation flowing . However these days I’m more of a beer man, particularly if it has an interesting label/name.

Where do you see the future of creativity? It’s definitely online. Apps are democratizing the creative process enabling people of all ages and backgrounds across the globe to push creativity forwards. You don’t have to have an expensive camera or editing software anymore to be a successful creator, you just need an idea and a willingness to make it happen.



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