Q&A: Zak Coles

Get to know our newest team member Zak!

A campaign that’s inspired me is…

LEGO’s MRI building kits. To help children overcome their fears of getting an MRI scan, LEGO created a miniature model of an MRI scanner and donated them to hospitals across the country. I really loved the creativity here, and how it helped children understand the complex process of having an MRI scan.

My morning social routine is…

One word… TikTok! Followed by a Flat White.

My professional superpower is…

My Trello board. I enjoy planning my weekly tasks, with all my different lists, colour coded of course.

Do you have any hobbies/talents that you keep on the downlow?

In my spare time I like to take dance classes. I’ve been dancing years and years, and used to compete in competitions. Now I just do it for fun and to keep fit.

My cultural jam is…

Miss Lana Del Rey, some say I’m in my sad-girl era, but I’m just a huge fan. I’m also a bit of a gamer, particularly into my retro games recently and anything survival horror.



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