We’ve been busy launching Sky Store Buy & Keep, a service which lets you download an HD movie straight to your TV to keep, with the added bonus of receiving a DVD copy in the post, letting viewers watch their favourite films again and again. Taking on the theme of re-watching, we carried out research looking into the viewing habits of the nation, exploring the reasons why Brits get distracted while watching films, as well as how many times movies need to be watched to be fully appreciated.

Off the back of the research, we enlisted the help of film expert, Alex Zane to devise his Re-watchability Ratings for the must re-watch films, advising the nation on why the films should be watched multiple times for the ultimate viewing experience. Alex explored how many times you should watch films to truly grasp the plot, connect with characters, experience every emotion, laugh at every joke and truly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making pieces of cinematic history.

tww_dwphoto_sky-buy-and-keep-alexzane-BTS_180714 (29)

We then worked with Alex to turn his Re-watchability Ratings into a video masterpiece. We headed down to The Depository for an action-packed day of shooting, which resulted in this….

The story was loved by the press, with print coverage appearing in The Times, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Star magazine.

The Times 31.07.14

Alex’s re-watchability ratings video has also featured on a host of online sites including Mail Online,,,,,, and King Loaf.

Infographic - stats


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