Satire – still the best way to learn about the world?

Unmanageable stream of news from social media channels? No space on the tube to read your paper? Piers Morgan? No thanks!

The Cutting Edge

Sometimes the best way to brush up on current affairs is the old school way – a man in a club with a microphone. Or in the case of The Comedy Store’s weekly slot The Cutting Edge, five of London’s best stand-ups with microphones. We ventured into Leicester Square to find out more…

Unlike a well-polished stand-up routine, each of The Cutting Edge’s comics needed to get laughs about the very recent news agenda. Asking for week-old headlines from the audience, topics included everything from Sepp Blatter and the FIFA scandal, rollercoaster safety and Caitlyn Jenner.

The show was split into short, quickfire rounds, each with a slightly different format – keeping the comics on their toes and ensuring the show moved at a decent pace. Our favourites were Kiwi comic Jarred Christmas and Ian Stone, also known for his Arsenal podcast. For £14, it was pretty good value too – and waaay more entertaining than sitting through the ten o’clock news…

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