Here at Fever, appreciation and protection of the environment is not something that pops into our minds one day a year for World Environment Day.  However, that being said, when it appeared in our clichéd but necessary “important dates in June” web searches, we saw an opportunity to have a bit of fun whilst challenging ourselves to adopt new ways of caring for the environment.

Here are some top tips we discovered from the green warriors at Fever.

“SHOP LOCAL.” Claudia Hockey, Thriving Thrifter. 

When Ryan Lewis asked Macklemore to go thrift shopping – I felt that. Emilia Clarke’s tacky faux fur animal print coat in Last Christmas? Iconic. Positively Baskin-esque. Charity shop diving is all about finding those slightly quirky, statement pieces that look cool but more importantly, keep you away from rows of cheap black bodycons that go straight to landfill after one or two wears. Buy less crap, stay sustainable, support a living wage and mix up your wardrobe while you’re at it!

“GROW YOUR OWN.” Kat Hoffman, Herb Visionary.

Don’t hate, propagate! Next time you’re thinking about popping to Tesco for a handful of fresh mint to perfect that weekday 6pm mojito, keep the leftovers, put them in water and repot them once they have grown roots for an unlimited supply. A little cutting is all it takes to become a true plant parent, this goes for almost all herbs and even some veg such as onions and lettuce (for the hardcore home-grower). Apart from saving you from wasting food and money, it also gives you the aesthetic kitchen Instagram dreams are made of…and an excuse to make mojitos all week.

“NO MORE MEAT.” Joseph Coupe, Animal Ally. 

Moo-ve over meat. Eating a plant-based diet has literally never been easier, with brands like Linda McCartney and Oatly showing you can still enjoy dishes like mum’s bangers & mash on the reg. It’s not all raw food and regret. (Stay away from vegan ‘cheese’ though tbh, wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy)

“GO NAKED.” Molly Bergara, Fruit Nudist. 

5 times a day. Don’t buy fruit and veg wearing tacky plastic coats, buy them NAKED. Use a disposable bag from home to let them hang loose, and you’ll have full license to saunter down the street smug as can be, knowing you did your bit to reduce plastic packaging and save the oceans.

“GET CRAFTY.” Amelia Salmon, Interior De-cycler.

It’s not hoarding honey, it’s creativity. That empty olive jar? A new toothbrush holder. My flatmate’s ripped t-shirt? Our new oat milk strainer. Bubble wrap that’s been lying in the cupboard FOREVER? A new winter coat for my plants. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a use for something the world says is useless.


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