Saw Alive at Thorpe Park? It’s Officially Bonkers

Ever spot a celebrity in Staines on a freezing March night? Thought not. But on Tuesday this week you couldn’t move for them, as Fever threw a huge launch party to celebrate the grand opening of Saw Alive at Thorpe Park.

Over 100 celebs and journalists, including Dizzee Rascal, Bill Bailey, Lemar, Tinchy Stryder, Jaime Winstone and Mat Horne, braved arctic conditions for a first taste of the live action horror maze, as well as a chance to ride Thorpe Park’s thrilling coasters, including the underpant-threatening Saw – The Ride.

Thorpe Park’s newest and most terrifying attraction, Saw Alive is the world’s most extreme live action horror maze, subjecting its visitors to shocks in an electric corridor, the sensation of being shot (yes, really!) and the sight of actors sawing their own limbs off. In fact, it all proved too much for some – Chantelle Houghton, who did a runner when faced with Saw: The Ride last year, had to be helped out of Saw Alive by knight-in-shining-armour Gary Lucy.

And who can blame her? At least half the Fever team chickened out, and those that did make it through were suspiciously coy about the experience. The Sun was certainly in no doubt about how extreme the attraction is…

For most guests though, the thrills more than outweighed the chills – check out our Flickr stream for some pics from the evening. Just watch out for the one of the bloke sawing his foot off!


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