#Selfie Mania

When it comes to social trends here at Fever we follow them with a keen interest and on most occasions get involved ourselves! We got stuck into the photo planking craze, loved the yarn bombing phenomenon and not forgetting the extreme ironing fad. However the most recent craze we’re digging has to be the #Selfie! The self-portrait of the digital age swept the world hard back in 2012 and continues to reign in a royal fashion. Here at Fever it has to be said we are partial to a smidge of over-indulgent #Selfie one-on-one action – the girls are the major culprits with many of us capturing ‘how do I look’ snaps before Soho nights out, see some sterling examples below…




So bar us Fever lot who’s to blame for the rise and rise of the #Selfie? Well the celebs of this world have got a lot to answer for – the likes of Bieber, Kelly Brook, Miley and Rose H Whitely have been busy posting posy photos of themselves for quite some time now and don’t seem to be showing any signs of growing tired of this me, me, me mentality.

And it’s not just starlets, popstars and models getting involved in this photographic phenomenon… Jules of Sincerely Jules (one of our must-read fashion blogs) has taken this trend to the next level and created the ultimate fashion blogger tee with a twist! Playing on the Céline craze and the #Selfie sensation she’s designed… wait for it… the ‘Célfie’ tee – genius!


It’s yet to explode and take over the world in the same way the #Selfie has but watch this space as Ashley Tisdale has already been papped rocking one and other high profile bloggers like The Blonde Salad are also getting in on the action…


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