Serene House, with Flower Council of Holland

Over the past couple of years we’ve worked with The Flower Council of Holland to create some amazing campaigns – remember the Lonely Plant Club, or Houseplant Hotel?

Well this year, they tasked us to devise a campaign that highlighted how city dwellers simply aren’t getting enough time in nature, and the amazing wellness benefits of being surrounded by plants and flowers, both IRL and online.

The European campaign saw other regions team up with digital artists to create virtual floral take overs of iconic city buildings. For the UK, we teamed up with one of the OG digital creators, rek0de, who reimagined what Tower Bridge, Tate Modern and Trellick Tower would look like if covered in flowers and houseplants. The answer – magical!

To bring the story to life in the real world, and using consumer research that found people only spend 30 minutes a day in, or surrounded by, nature, we created ‘Serene House’ a pop up experience, right by Tower Bridge and design by RHS Award Winner, Ian Drummond. Filled with lush vegetation, including a mixture of plants and cut flowers, a deckchair for lounging and a bed of moss for earthing, as well as a 10 minute guided meditation for complete relaxation.

Despite Storm Ciarán blowing across the country, over 35 media and influencers attended the Serene House, resulting in 78 influencer posts, while the research story, digital video, and pictures generated over 46 new stories – including six nationals – and the video was viewed 50,000 times!


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