Sleep in Action at CES 2012

Last week saw the annual CES convention taking place in Sin City, with over 100,000 visitors heading to the Las Vegas event. Being showcased alongside the latest gadgets and technological trends was Fever client, Zeo Sleep Manager – a unique sleep management device that helps improve sleep quality.

Now it’s no secret that Zeo care about people getting good sleep, in fact they care so much that they decided to take charge of the situation in Vegas and make sure that everyone’s sleep wasn’t affected by the 24/7 party city. Inspired by a weary visitor to their booth last year who took an impromptu nap and attracted a large audience to see his live sleep report (see video below), Zeo decided to give people a better – and more comfortable way – to catch up on their ZZZs.

The booth was equipped with a Zeo Sleep Lab, complete with a Tempur-Pedic bed, sleep mask and earplugs to help you drift off. That’s not all, the lab also had a Zeo Sleep Manager which produced a sleep report for those snoozing inside. But what about those on the outside? How did they know the Zeo was working? Simple, there was a live feed from the Zeo Sleep Lab to a large monitor on the outside of the booth, meaning everyone could see which sleep stage the sleeper was at.

The main idea was to give people the chance to really see what sleep looks like in action, and judging by the constant traffic to the booth, it worked!


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