smart and Fever get Twitter-arty!

The smart team here at Fever Towers have been hard at work preparing for the launch of the smart urban stage, a pop-up showcase for ideas and innovation that will shape lives in cities in the future. To kick off the activity, smart has been inviting the public (both yesterday & today) to take part in a unique twitterarty project!

We have been asking people to tweet their visions of the future to smart, and illustrator Johanna Basford has then been bringing these ideas to life by drawing them directly onto smart’s ‘car of the future’ – the smart fortwo electric drive live on site at the smart urban stage on London’s Southbank (between 8am – 8pm). The project is still in progress until 8pm today  so if you have an innovation or invention that will make life easier, better or greener in the future tweet @smartfortwoUK and share your visions, remembering to use the hashtag #smartpic. You can also watch the action streamed LIVE at

In the first 12 hours – the project has received over 200 tweets and 80 have been drawn to date – some of the most creative entries so far have included a future where there are housework fairies and the internet in 3D. We’ve had lots of media interest with Creative Review and quirky blog, Think-Work-Play featuring it live in addition to coverage from New Media Age, The Notebook Magazine and Who’s Jack with more to come!

The final car will be on display for the duration of the smart urban stage until 16th May. Anyone can go down and see it for themselves – and also book a test drive with a  difference in a smart by registering your details here. In addition to this, smart fans wanting to get hold of the completed artwork or the limited edition smart panels can register their interest by becoming a fan on the smart Facebook page. An exclusive set of the panels will also be auctioned for charity at the smart festival later in the year and the final illustration will be created into a 2D limited edition silk screen print of just 100 that will also be up for grabs.

Stay tuned for more smart urban stage activity coming your way! 


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