Spring Out Of Bed Dread!

Ahead of the clocks going forward this weekend, Fever has been working away on a news generation story from Dreams surrounding the top motivations that get us Brits springing out of bed in the morning…

The survey uncovered that the traditional alarm clock is no longer enough to get the nation out from beneath the sheets and that additional incentives are required – with bacon butties and the prospect of a shared shower with a partner topping the poll!

To ensure Brits wake up on the right side of bed ahead of Sunday’s clock change, we enlisted the help of TV Psychologist, Jo Hemmings to create the ultimate ‘Spring out of Bed’ formula for Dreams. Check out Jo’s top tips for combatting ‘get-out-of-bed-dread’…

infographic - draft two

National coverage appeared in this morning’s Daily Star, The Daily Telegraph, Metro and Foxy even themed Magic radio’s breakfast show on the subject, talking up the stats and turning it into a whopping talking point!


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