The Fever Crafty Collective #1

Fever Towers was knee deep in glitter, stickers, hand-made paper and paint for the first ‘Crafty Collective’ workshop this week. Designed to inspire, stimulate and unleash our creative potential and tapping into the huge trend for MIY (make it yourself), the theme of the first workshop was card-making – making good use of the array of brightly coloured handmade paper, beads, stamps and stars from the mecca of creative materials – Paperchase HQ on Tottenham Court Rd.

Taking us back to our school days we cut, glued, glittered, stickered, drew and collaged cards for this Sunday’s Mother’s Day and banked a few for up and coming celebrations. We proudly hung the cards to dry on our Muji creative tree (a creative use of a washing line!) and are hoping our mums appreciate their home-made charm!


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