The Great Gatsby Ballet Review

Last week the red carpet was rolled out in Clerkenwell for the opening night of Northern Ballet’s adaptation of American classic, The Great Gatsby. Thanks to our newly launched agency Culture Vulture programme lucky Feverite, Lana was selected to review opening night. The red carpet was lined with paparazzi bulbs flashing away but Lana still managed to get a glimpse of the celebs / ballerinas as they arrived which included Darcey Bussell, Linda Barker, Sir Ben Kingsley and even Dumbledore AKA Sir Ian McKellen if you’re not a Harry Potter fan (shame on you if that’s the case!)


As the curtain lifted the audience was instantly transported back to a 1920s prohibition America, trench coats and all. True to Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, the ballet told the story of Nick Garraway and his mysterious neighbour Jay Gatsby. The first act did not disappoint with flappers, shimmering sequins and spectacular group dance routines. Combined, they offered a fun and fabulous insight into the glamorous roaring parties Gatsby was notorious for throwing. The upbeat nature of the production very quickly turned a corner to tell a much darker story … one of lost love, jealousy, betrayal and eventually murder.


If we had to pick, the standout scene of the evening unfolded at the beginning of act two at Gatsby’s house. Daisy and Gatsby took centre stage and stole a moment to relive their past love in an exquisite duet, echoed in canon by the shadows of their former selves behind a distorted wall. The delicate use of lighting beautifully signified the passing of time, whilst flashbacks turned the stage blue. For those who find ballet hard to follow, the music from the live orchestra helped to steer emotions and tell the story where movement could not.


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