This Week We Have Been . . .

Dusting off our leotards, sprinkling on some glitter and strutting back to 1977 Brooklyn for the Everyman cinema’s showing of Saturday Night Fever in the Old Vic Tunnels – transformed into the film’s gritty neighbourhood. You could almost smell the hotdogs and city smoke, while actors playing gum-snapping wise guys and smart talking sexy senoritas helped transport you back in time.

By the time the film started the crowd was whipped into a fever for the baby-faced (and buff) John Travolta strutting his stuff in tight white flares to the sound of the Bee Gees’ best loved tunes.

Watching Laura Wade’s Posh before it takes a final bow at the Duke of York’s Theatre. A rollercoaster ride through the full gamut of emotions.  It’s a wickedly satirical look at the shenanigans of the infamous ‘Bullingdon Club’ whose past members include David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Post-show cocktails most definitely recommended.

Hanging out at the Dark Knight Rises premiere. On Wednesday we were walking down the red carpet rubbing shoulders with stars of this summer’s smash hit blockbuster. We won’t spoil it – apart from to say it’s absolutely awesome!

Hiding from the rain and used the excuse to dine on fab risotto and spring lamb at 10 Greek Street. The must try: tonic sorbet with gin. Who’s in for more next week when the sun actually starts shining?

Reading Suri’s Burn Book. A hilarious take on the life of Hollywood’s most famous child, her witty posts have us all in stitches!

Getting all nostalgic at The Hospital Club. On Monday, we saw the world through an ‘Instagram lens’ when we went to a talk about Digital Nostalgia and how brands and organisations are using nostalgia to pull on the heartstrings of their audiences. Highlight of the talk was Chris Wild, founder of digital time capsule, who inspired via his view that nostalgia is a form of grief and his exploration of how time evaporates when a person goes back to question a moment from the past. Deep.


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