This Week We Have Been . . .

…attending a sold-out performance by the Michael Nyman Band at the Royal Festival Hall. One of film world’s most loved composers, the Michael Nyman Band saw stunning Baroque performances of The Draughtsman’s Contract and Prospero’s Books, two of his best works (but we were sad that The Piano score didn’t feature).

…brushing up on our Shakespeare with the post-apocalyptic version of Macbeth at the Trafalgar Studios. It stars Hollywood hunk James McAvoy in full Scottish accent as the murderous king. In fact, we’ve loved the Scottish accent so much we’ve been mumbling ‘murrr-durrr’ all week!

…loving the new design direction in Bioshock Infinite. No longer set in the murky underwater city of Rapture, the third Bioshock takes us up to the clouds of Columbia, a gorgeous city in the sky. Tasked with finding a missing girl called Elizabeth, we’re pleased to report Columbia is just as dark, mysterious and immersive as Rapture was, and the story Penis Enlargement retains the depth so often lacking in first person shooters.

…and finally, enjoying the delights of Edinburgh. First stop, a beautiful wedding at Edinburgh University’s chapel, followed by a reception at Spoons, which was where J K Rowling spent many a day writing Harry Potter. Although a little too chilly for the trek up to Arthur’s Seat, we strolled around the many other enchanting tourist hot spots of Edinburgh, including Edinburgh Castle, Portabello Beach, National Gallery and Edinburgh Library. Although haggis was avoided, a lot of scrumptious food was consumed at The Dogs and First Coast, as well as tasty hot juice specials Firey Jack and Apple Pie at Hula. Our Bar of the City Award has to go to 99 Hanover Street, owing to its amazing interiors, Sunday night DJ and delicious cocktails. Edinburgh is possibly the dreamiest place ever visited, we recommend everyone to go at least once per year!


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