This Week We Have Been . . .

Waving the flag for Team GB. The Fever team have been waving the flag for GB! Hannah ventured into our incredible Olympic Park to check out at all the venues and watch Team GB play against Belgium in the hockey! We played brilliantly and won 3 – 0 with the crowd taking in the incredible Olympic atmosphere. It’s been a busy week for Team Fever, who have been soaking up the atmosphere at the rowing, swimming, diving, beach volleyball and handball to name a few!

Laughing, crying, and scratching our heads at The Room – quite possibly the greatest “so bad its good” film of all time, ever. Seriously. Once described as “the Citizen Kane of bad films”, it’s hard to describe how bad/genius/amazing this film is, so we’ll leave you with this clip:

Indulging in gorgeous tapas at Brawn. We couldn’t get enough of the beetroot, toasted cumin & crème fraîche salad and the onglet, snails, girolles & mash. We weren’t too sure about the pigs trotter but we sadly didn’t save enough room for the pannacotta with cherries – so we’ll be heading back for return visit as soon as we can!

At the Groucho Club spending the afternoon in the Club Room eating homemade éclairs with Trevor Nelson and Damola Timeyin, the winning applicant to the HTC Community Project.

Taking a trip back in time and taking a tour with one of the famous Beefeaters at the historic Tower Bridge and the Tower of London! The day finished with some giant cupcakes and a beautiful view of the bridge adorned with its Olympic rings. You know what they say, if you like it then you better put a ring on it…

Getting motivated Getting motivated by reading Sir Steve Redgrave’s book, Inspired. If you fancy yourself the next Olympian or just wonder how histories greats got so good grab a copy! Rio 2016 anyone?!

And finally…

Getting the meat sweats at MEATmarket – sister restaurant to the much-famed MEATliquor and home to the infamous Dead Hippie burger – this one is hidden away at the back of Covent Garden market and tends to be easier to grab a table at (our little secret, shhhh!) However, the menu is still full of the most mouth-wateringly awesome burgers in town – our fave is of course the aforementioned Dead Hippie, but there are other must-try options such as the Philly cheese-steak, cheese and jalapeno peppers, and chili hot dog – just too good to be true!


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