This Week We Have Been . . .

…gradually emerging, bleary eyed, from spending a fortnight in Los Santos and Blaine County. Yes, the chat in the bar last Friday was less about the latest cool nightspots in town or which cocktail bar to hit next, and more about how to steal aeroplanes, what colour parachute to buy, the best location to take an in-game selfie (yes really), and who could do the best impression of Weasel News. If you don’t know what any of that means, get yourself a PlayStation 3 and a copy of GTA V sharpish – you’re just in time for GTA Online.

The Stories We Tell

…loving Sarah Pollen’s documentary The Stories We Tell. Exploring themes around the search for truth and the unreliability of memory in constructing a family’s unified history, the Canadian actor and director has created an emotional, tense and funny documentary on her family and its unique web of secrets and lies. Juxtaposing a pastiche of grainy Super 8 home-movie footage with real life interviews with her siblings and family friends Sarah pieces together her past calling the viewer to question what are the facts and what is fiction? The film playfully explores different narrative forms and highlights our need to try and make sense of the past even if the process is messy and painful.


…looking back at Martin Parr’s early black and white photography from his post-student days in Yorkshire’s Hebden Bridge, which is now beautifully documented in a new book, The Non-Conformists. Though Parr is probably best known for his colour work, his style is undeniable – playful, nostalgic and very, very English. Highly recommended!

Scotch Tails2

…pigging out at Berwick St Food Market and trying the different stalls and stands on offer. Only a three minute walk from the office, this mini food mecca offers lots of scrumptious choice for a freshly cooked and different lunch – breaking away from M&S and Pret staples… our favs are Pit Stop Café for super spicy Singapore Noodles and ScotchTails for chorizo scotch eggs with sweet potato fries. We LOVE our lunch breaks!

Breaking Bad

…devouring the last episode of arguably the best TV series everBreaking Bad! We headed home on Monday sharpish to have Breaking Bad viewing parties where we cooked finger food (Albuquerque style). To help gulp down all the Mexican beer and guacamole, we enjoyed a non life-destroying version of blue meth made out of 96% pure sweet-candy from Etsy. We also loved the perfect-pitch ending and are mourning its finish by playing the ‘Breaking Bad’ Playlist endlessly on the office Spotify


…celebrating at the T3 Awards. Last night, Team Fever got their glad rags on for the hottest technology awards in town – and didn’t they scrub up well!

T3 b


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