This Week We Have Been . . .

…getting spaced out at a 3D preview screening of sci-fi blockbuster Gravity. This nerve-shredding film about a space mission gone wrong, had us on the edge of our seats and thankful to have our feet firmly on planet Earth. Don’t miss it when it hits cinemas Nov 7th!


…learning about the future of new business – we headed over to Soho square for the PRCA Gateway: The Future of New Business conference. Subjects covered were new business processes, client/agency relationships, procurement, integration and retention by some of the industry’s most trusted sources. We particularly enjoyed Chris McCafferty, founder of Kaper’s five insights on great integration, the best being; ‘Ad agencies move at the pace of brands; PR agencies move at the speed of news.’ Wise words!

Dogs 1

…taking a visit to ‘The Corner’ gallery in Battersea to take a look at the inspiring work of ‘Drawings by Dogs’. The pups each took time in their dinner break to create their masterpieces, with an oil pastel attached to the bowl as they rummage round drafting their work. Too cute! Plus, you’re welcome to bring your own dog along to create its own picture for you to share with your family and friends. Who knew our four legged friends could be so artistic!

Captain Phillips

…cancelling our holiday to the Somali coast, having seen the amazing Captain Phillips, the true-life tale of a US captain whose cargo ship is taken hostage by pirates. Paul Greengrass’ gritty thriller is very intense, and while Tom Hanks is on top form (even for him), Barkhad Abdi was equally impressive as the leader of the pirates – he’s already our shout for best supporting actor at the Oscars!

Cupcakes before

Cupcakes after

…getting through Friday with delicious cupcakes, courtesy of our brilliant intern Alex. They’re from Primrose Bakery, and went down a storm in the office – the second picture was taken mere seconds after the first…


…playing Top Golf. Based in Watford, this is the ultimate game of golf, without the walking. It’s an addictive point-scoring golf game, with a 240 yard outfield with a dartboard like targets in the ground. The technology of it all is beyond us, but it’s pretty darn fun. They also have a crazy golf course, bar and pool tables. What more could you want!


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