This Week We Have Been…

…sneaking into the hottest gig in town (literally, in the case of ticketless blagger and NBC Head of Media Matt Cowan) – The Reflektors at the Camden Roundhouse. Who were, of course, the peerless Arcade Fire in a not-very-good disguise, bringing their new disco flavoured masterpiece to the UK for two uber-intimate gigs. Needless to say, from Win Butler serenading queuing punters with his mariachi band to a glitter cannon powered Here Comes the Night Time, it was an unforgettably epic experience. Roll on festival season!


…getting totes emosh at The National. Performing at possibly the highest venue in London, the beautiful Alexandra Palace, The National did not disappoint. Playing pretty much all of the new album, as well as an array of old favourites, the band were looking pretty hot next to some pretty spectacular visuals on stage. Ending with the classic acoustic version of Vanderlyle Cry Baby Geeks melted our hearts, as the whole crowd sang together in awe. Come back to England again soon please!

Hunger Games

…re-reading one of our favourite trilogies. Whilst we wait excitedly for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to be out in cinema next week, we have been refreshing our memory on our favourite parts of the book. Look out for a few Feverettes at the opening midnight screening!

Midsummer Night's Dream

…brushing up on our Shakespeare with a theatre trip to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. David Walliams led a star cast and was hilarious in his role as Bottom. His death scene had us in stitches!

Comedy Store

…laughing at one of France’s kings of comedy. On Monday night, London’s entire French population (including us!) descended to the Comedy Store where Samy Ameziane – better known as the Comte de Bouderbala – played his first stand-up gig on British shores. He entertained us with a French rap wedding and his views on online dating. We’re slightly in love with him actually.

Champage + Fromage

…tucking into a baked Mont d’or and red wine at Brixton Village Market. Shop and bistro, Champagne + Fromage, is a combination of our two favourite French imports bringing rustic fare and fizz to London, served the French way.

Amsterdam 1

…taking in the sights and sounds of our favourite Dutch city Amsterdam. Cheese, tulips and canals and more bicycles than we’ve ever seen. And a bar with over 300 types of beer. What’s not to love?


…enjoying Federico Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding masterpiece at Hoxton’s Courtyard Theatre. The tragic story is reduced to 90 minutes and text slightly simplified so it’s easier to follow. It might not be the cup of tea of purists, but it’s definitely a great way of introducing new comers to Lorca’s work


…visiting Hokusai Exposed. The exhibition displays the most famous works of Katsushika Hokusai, with the great wave of Tamagawa being the main highlight of his views of Mount Fuji work. Part of the exhibition then recreates other famous works by the Japanese Master using modern animation techniques. Including the surprising Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife in 3D – it shows the wife making love to two octopuses – as part of his Shunga works (Erotic art from the Edo period). The exhibition invites visitors to walk through dark rooms, revealing some of the more grotesque paintings with the help of lanterns.


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