This Week We Have Been . . .

…getting in touch with our inner geek as code club reboots to help build a better understanding of the wonderful world of computing. The digital team in Things With Wings and a few brave souls in Fever took it upon themselves to take a closer look at how the internet, servers and browsers really work as well signing up at the brilliant Code Academy, be on the lookout for some ‘interesting’ new web developments coming out of Soho!


…. getting our meat sweats on at Pitt Cue Co. This is a small but perfectly formed restaurant for a mouth-watering meat fest. With a no reservations policy and a very small square footage, you need to get their early to have a hope of getting a seat within a vaguely acceptable 2 hour timeframe. We pitched up at 6.30pm and whetted our appetite with a couple of manly cocktails before heading downstairs for the main event in the intimate restaurant setting where we were rubbing shoulders with our neighbours whilst devouring caramelised ribs, pulled pork and a melt-in-your-mouth lamb’s breast with unctuous sides of bone marrow mash and creamy celeriac. A perfect pitstop for the cold winter nights!


… visiting Hokusai Exposed, an exhibition displaying the most famous works of Katsushika Hokusai, with the great wave of Tamagawa being the main highlight of his views of Mount Fuji work. Part of the exhibition then recreates other famous works by the Japanese Master using modern animation techniques. Including the surprising Dream of the Fisherman’s  Wife in 3D – it shows the wife making love to two octopuses – as part of his Shunga works…


… enjoying Federico Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding masterpiece at Hoxton’s Courtyard Theatre. The tragic story is reduced to 90 minutes and text slightly simplified so it’s easier to follow. It might not be the cup of tea of purists, but it’s definitely a great way of introducing new comers to Lorca’s work.


… gin tasting at The Star at Night.  Four different gins were served in tiny medicine bottles, each with its serve. Our favourite was the King of Soho with a lemon and line.

New Picture

…supporting the Pig Idea with a free lunch at Trafalgar Square.  The campaign, started by Wahaca chef Thomasina Miers and food waste expert Tristram Stuart, is about changing UK and EU law to mean that food waste from restaurants, schools, shops and canteens can be fed to pigs, as it previously was for hundreds upon hundreds of years until foot and mouth in 2001.  We loved our winter meatball  cassoulet from the #pigideafeast!


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