This Week We Have Been . . .

Catching some rays at V Festival in Chelmsford – quite literally the hottest UK festival of the year. The Essex crowd were as glamorous as ever, sipping on Mahiki cocktails in the sun whilst enjoying sets from the likes of Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, Tom Jones and The Stone Roses – bliss.

Filling up in style at Shrimpy’s. Gone are the days of a shabby petrol station – instead the space has been transformed into a chic dining room and bar (we’ve even spotted Lily Cole hanging out here!) We particularly enjoyed Shrimpy’s Fizz – a lip-smackingly tasty cocktail made from Cachaca and pineapple juice, topped up with cava bubbles for good measure! The Veal’s heart was also surprising tasty but we’re going to need to make a return trip to taste test the restaurant’s signature dish, a burger filled with deep-fried soft-shell crab and guacamole. Our mouths are watering just writing this! Worth also checking out the wall to wall colour popping artwork by Donald Urquhart and Jonathan Trayte  – very cool indeed!

Watching When Harry Met Sally at the fabulous Rooftop Film Club – a brilliant pop up cinema on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton. Showing a range of classic films, and serving up some good old fashioned barbeque grub, it’s the perfect destination for an after work treat. We had some wine, cider and an enormous burger before snuggling down under the stars to watch the 80s classic- yes, yes, YES!

Reliving our youth at The Nomad Cinema’s screening of classic 80s adventure The Goonies. Catering was courtesy of The Salt Yard who served up Iberian hot dogs, manchega burgers and paprika popcorn – a whole lot tastier than rubbery nachos at a multiplex! Watch out for more site specific shows in the Nomad calendar including a spooky screening of The Shining at Brompton Cemetery.

And finally…

Reliving the horror of ‘Nam (in an ‘eating olives on a summer’s eve’ kinda way) with an outdoor screening of Apocalypse Now at Somerset House. Thankfully it was the more forgiving 2 ½ hour theatrical cut, but what a film, and what a location to watch Coppola’s classic. Who needs 3D when there are actual helicopters flying overhead? Outdoor screenings are definitely in this week!


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