This Week We Have Been . . .

…taking it back to the concrete streets with Akil, who played a solo show in Camden this week. The Jurassic 5 MC was on form, but the best bit was when he brought up audience members to rap battle him on stage, who were (mostly) excellent! The downside was how old it made us feel – J5 have been around for twenty years

Hand and Flowers Menu

…feasting on Michelin star pub grub! Last weekend we went to the beautiful village of Marlow to celebrate a friend’s birthday and spent the evening at The Hand and Flowers, the UK’s only pub with two Michelin stars. Throughout the evening we enjoyed taste sensations of everything from crispy pigs heads, scallop with beef bouillon, garlic sausages and pear soufflé. But we couldn’t leave without trying the Great British Menu award winner, slow cooked duck breast! We’d definitely recommend visiting for a special occasion, and if you’re lucky, you might leave with a signed menu from chef Tom Kerridge too!

David Lynch

..stepping into the images of three American artists, at the excellent Photographer’s Gallery. Featuring photos by Andy Warhol and William S Burroughs, it was David Lynch’s dark, high contrast factory images that really stood out – it reminded us of the black and white industrial backdrop of his 1977 film Eraserhead. The show is on until 30th March.


…starting a CityLit course in physics, where they’ve promised that by the end of ten weeks we’ll understand the realism/anti-realism debate. We don’t know what that is yet, but it sounds nice.


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