This Week We Have Been . . .

…watching Superleague netball giants Surrey Storm and Hertfordshire Mavericks battle it out at the Olympic Park’s Copper Box arena. The tension was incredible as Storm managed a one goal win in the final seconds over Mavericks, at the most highly attended domestic netball match in the UK ever. Great to see women’s sport take centre stage at such a great venue!


…rubbing shoulders with the gaming world’s bigwigs at the BAFTA video game awards. PlayStation swept the board with an incredible 8 wins – 5 for The Last of Us and 3 for Tearaway and we were quick to get our hands on the famous gold statue!


…visiting the beautiful city of Copenhagen on a budget, from the comfort of the Generator hostel. Awesome décor complete with typically Scandinavian USOs (Unidentified Seating Objects), bean bag cinema room and free photo booth. Not to mention VERY happy ‘happy hour’ offerings.


…enjoying Wes Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Not usually a huge fan of the director’s overly twee style, but Ralph Fienness is on brilliantly mischievous form as a hotel concierge on the run. Its a beautifully crafted and enjoyable way to spend 100 minutes in the dark (provided its not too sunny outside!)


…keeping our feet firmly on planet Earth, having seen what its like to live on the International Space Station, thanks to Channel 4’s Live from Space season. Okay, so there are some spectacular views, but there’s serious isolation and lack of gravity to contend with. It also involves two hours of daily exercise, and Saturday’s are primarily dedicated to dusting…unless the cooling pump breaks and a (petrifying) 13 hour space walk is required – we’ll stick to hangovers, thanks!

Big Easy

…delving into a midweek treat at the brand new Big Easy in Covent Garden. Not only were we were overwhelmed by the size of meat feast Taste-O-Rama and the divine taste of the lobster, the price was pleasantly surprising too, with 50% off during launch week. The meal also proved that skinny fries are out, and chunky chips are in!

Greenwich 2

…stepping into spring by visiting the beautiful London hotspot Greenwich. Walking through Greenwich Village and seeing the Cutty Sark almost makes you feels like you’re at the beach. However climbing up to the see the views from next to the Royal Observatory put London firmly back into perspective. The day was topped off with a picnic in the park, proving that we have definitely been making the most of the sunshine.

Dan Croll

…enjoying Dan Croll’s newest album Sweet Disarray– check it out here!


…loving Obama’s guest appearance on Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis’ hilarious mock chat show. Okay, so it’s a brilliant bit of Obamacare PR, but we reckon the Pres can pull it off – can you imagine David Cameron trading insults with Alan Partridge?


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