What’s hot?

Goodbye sunshine, hello the return of Typical British Weather. TBH it’s been a bit of a miserable one, but we’ve been keeping our eye out on the news for some fun little bits to keep us smiling through the hail/rain/wind.

This week, we’re buzzing about some Dua Lipa bangers, train lines showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community, and the app we didn’t know we needed, but really really needed. Oh, and we are also bragging about one of our latest campaigns. Check it out.

The album to bop to: Club Future Nostalgia

Summer might nearly be over, but you don’t have to walk around with a grey cloud over your head just yet – our Queen and saviour of pop music Dua Lipa has just dropped her brand new album Club Future Nostalgia, a lockdown remix project featuring vibey reworked versions of her number one album earlier this year.

With collabs from Madonna and The Blessed Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott and Mark Ronson, it’s one to throw onto your weekend Spotify playlist immediately and dance like it’s the 80s.

The campaign to keep an eye on – Sky Mobile’s Text to Ditch

This week marked the launch of one of our latest client campaigns, Sky Mobile’s Text to Ditch service in collaboration with romance guru Fred Sirieix (otherwise known as Fred from First Dates). Based on the insight that a quarter of Brits admit to having never been dumped face-to-face, the one-of-a-kind break-up service will see Fred helping post-lockdown lovers handle those tricky break-up conversations over text. ?

The famous phrase that is temporarily retiring – KFC is no longer Finger Lickin’ Good.

P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin. I’m Lovin’ it. Just Do It. We’re huge fans of a brand tagline, and there’s none better than Finger Lickin’ Good. But this week, the Colonel announced that due to the current climate, he’d be retiring the famous slogan. No fear, it will be back ‘when the time is right’, but for now, wash your hands, you detty pig.

The train you need to get: Avanti West Coast

Pride parties and celebrations up and down the country were cancelled this year because of COVID. A train operator might not be the first service to come to mind when you think ‘Pride’, but this week, to show their support and commitment to diversity and inclusion, Avanti West Coast wrapped one of their trains with the (most recent) Pride flag, and for its first official service, the train will be crewed by entirely LGBTQ+ staff! What’s not to love.

The mobile game to play: Primark Legends

If you would have told us at the start of the year that Primark would be releasing a Kim Kardashian-esque mobile game in the middle of a global pandemic, we would have laughed you out of the room tbh. But here we are…

Primark Legends casts the player as a newly hired assistant in a Primark store, where you’ll have to help customers find the clothes they’re after, keep the shelves neat and tidy, clean up any spills and messes, and track back and forth to the stockroom. It might not sound riveting, but speaking as somebody who has already exhausted my entire Tik Tok ‘For You’ page, it’s the kind of ironic content I crave.


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