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This week, a social channel ‘snaps’ back onto our radar, a twitter thread reveals the backstory behind the greatest Come Dine With Me moments of all time, Archie Comics joins the 21st century, we delve into the latest Twitter hack and we think the Guardian is spying on us.

The comeback you need to see: Snapchat partners with Headspace

We’ve all heard that social media can increases stress. Whether it’s unhealthy amounts of screen time, cyber-bullying, or following make-believe accounts that make you look sadly at your own, one of our favourite hobbies can have a dark, murky underside.

But, this week, someone stepped forward to help: Snapchat (Yes, you heard that right – Snapchat is making its first appearance on What’s Hot). The social platform has put its name back on the map with a partnership with one of our favourite apps, Headspace, offering users a range of meditations to combat stress.

The twitter thread you need to read: I hope you’re happy, Jane

“What a sad little life, Jane.”

These are words that have stayed with us all since January 2016, and surely, they will continue to be quoted into the next decade, century and millennia? In 2316, will Peter become akin to a demigod of Greek mythology, a warning tale from parents advising their children against the perils of being a ‘sore loser’?

Like most people, I had only seen the two-minute clip of this Come Dine With Me Episode, despite being obsessed with Peter. I know I could have hunted online for the full ep, but honestly, who has the time?

We’ll tell you who has the time: @OllyWldrn. Olly took the lead and shared the episode links with the world. Enter: @lbionJake. Jake did the legwork and pulled the top clips of the series, an X Factor “Your Journey” montage for Peter, available in a handy Twitter thread.

Shout out to Twitter for re-vamping the site with a new focus on easy thread production. I hope you’re happy, @jack.

The Twitter account you need to see: Archie Comics

We have two big questions this week:

  1. Who runs the Twitter account for Archie comics?
  2. Are you okay?

This week, Archie Comics was thrown into the 21st century (sorry, we refuse to regard Riverdale as 21st century. Yes, it has smart TVs, but it also has also old school cars, hospitals, and laws, apparently).

Take a look for yourself, because you wouldn’t believe us if we told you.

The article you need to read: Twitter’s hack

Sometimes it feels like we’re all desensitised to social media hacks. It might be because we’re so used to them that we almost expect them. Or perhaps because it always seems to harm celebrities, not us. Or it could be that we view the victims of these attacks as foolish, making choices we would never make.

The most recent Twitter hack is a reminder that this sort of breach could happen to anyone. Though we can’t confirm, it seems that the hackers managed to get into 36 accounts by getting access to the Slack account for Twitter. Using the info found there, they were able to get into 36 celebrity Twitter accounts, with full access to their DMs, and had the ability to use these accounts to make a profit through Bitcoin.

The hack must be a tough pill to swallow for Twitter – holes in Slacks algorithms contributed to the breach, but it’s not Slack making the headlines. Consumers don’t care how the hackers got in, they care that they trusted you with their data and you broke this trust. Twitter was having a hard time already: it’s seen decreased ad revenue over the past few quarters despite growth in user numbers. But like Facebook after Cambridge Analytica, Twitter will probably be fine. We’re all too desensitised to hacks and too dedicated to social media.

The hobbies you need: Beyond sourdough

Ever get the feeling that the Guardian is reading your blog for inspo? No, us neither, but we did enjoy this article on the hobbies that helped readers cope in lockdown (to see how the Fever team coped, read our blog here).

Whether it’s juggling, making your own pasta, woodworking, or learning the concertina – there’s something for just about everyone. Your plans for this rainy Saturday are sorted.

Though it must be said – none of these hobbies resulted in a cute GIF of Edward Jnr., who helped Simon through lockdown.



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