Watching our creators’ content blossom

When it comes to working with creators there’s always a fine balance to be had with the creative brief. Too rigid and the content is almost delivered to order, and often lacks creativity and believability. In contrast, give a brief that’s too open-ended and let’s be honest, it’s never going to hit the right mark – or get that all-important client approval.

So, when it came to our latest project with Flower Council of Holland, and its two consumer-facing brands, Funny How Flowers Do That and The Joy of Plants, we thought differently. 

Knowing the client’s channel and content focuses, we started there – we wanted quality video content for Instagram, utilising Reels and Stories. We then looked at the landscape and seasonal moments, which we knew would be relevant to our target audience, and layered in the key sentiment we wanted to get across – the benefits plants bring to our lives and homes, and the the transformative effect of cut flowers. 

Jack Kinsey has been our cut-flowers champion and took the simple theme of “festive flowers” to soaring new heights (literally) with his multi-layer tablescape – here. It was the perfect backdrop to mark the 10th Christmas spent together with his partner Alex – I’m not crying, you are! And, it turned out to be a favourite with his followers, reaching over 900K accounts and amassing 1.1M plays to date.

The New Year also brought in a new Reel and accompanying Stories from Jack, who this time tackled the theme of “flower trends” by tapping into Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024 – Peach Fuzz. Once again creating an eye-catching suspended floral masterpiece, that was sure to inspire his flowers – see here

In contrast, our plant-based creator, Gemma Gear, celebrates Houseplant Week 2024 by giving her home office a bit of a spruce up (yes, that was a plant joke) with the addition of some green-leaved friends – see here

The success of the content produced so far – yes, there’s more coming so keep your eyes peeled – is a testament to striking that right balance on the brief. Armed with the right background information, understanding what message the client wanted to portray, and being given the creative licence to explore the themes in a way that felt natural and appealed to the creators’ native audiences was our recipe for success.

Be sure to support our creators and give them a follow on Instagram using the links below. You honestly won’t want to miss their upcoming Reels and Stories, which promise to both educate and inspire.

Jack Kinsey –
Gemma Gear – 


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