The Culture Clubbers were out again this month. Our exhibition of choice? The Saatchi gallery of course.

Decked out in our finest Ab Fab attire (we wish), we tottered down the King’s Road to check out what weird and wonderful exhibits only Charles Saatchi could commission. Daarling, was it a treat!

We Live in an Ocean of Air is a multi-sensory virtual reality installation that brings together art, science and technology to bring us together with plants. Who needs to trip out on Ayahuasca in a South American retreat when you can have a magical 15 minutes communing with trees in Sloane Square. Courtesy of virtual reality headsets, headphones and wrist sensors no less.

With six people to a space, we nervously stepped through the room as it expanded into a grassy forest. The smells, sights and sounds transported us into the wilderness with a majestic tree at its centre. The tree was alive. Synapsis of oxygen whizzed around it, and it seemed, into to us. Our breath turned from red to blue particles and our hands light up too as the sensors picked up the ebb and flow of oxygen through our bodies.

As we stepped inside the trunk of a 3,500 year of tree, we were converted. This meditative and relaxing virtual world made us throw off our Ab Fab materialism for something a little more sustainable.


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