Wear It Pink With the smart fortwo

Going… Going… Gone! The life size smart pink passion patchwork quilt has sold today on eBay for a fabulous £560. The quilt was made from donations of pink fabric from a whole host of famous names including Elizabeth Hurley, Russell Brand, Rachel Stevens, Sara Cox – to name but a few – in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign.

The auction ended with over 50 bids and the patchwork quilt was just short of having 3,000 views! All the money raised from ts sale will go to Breast Cancer Campaign, in addition to the £10,000 raised from the sales of  the limited edition smart fortwo pink passion cars.

The smart fortwo patchwork story was tweeted by celebrity participants and media fans, it also featured on the Breast Cancer Campaign facebook page sparking lots of interaction and dialogue. As well as the social media activation we secured some great coverage including half a page in Metro – see the online version here.


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