We’re record breakers!

We’re all about winning here. We’d even put that infamous American with ‘tiger blood’ to shame and when a Guinness World Record came knocking at Fever’s door, Dan Wong and Hannah Ashley knew exactly what to do.

The challenge? To position the most dominoes on an A4 piece of paper and then topple within 30 seconds. Briefed, trained and prepared all within a minute… the room was brimming with determination and there was a record to break.  

The starting pistol was fired and dominoes were feverishly stacked around the table – agility, speed and focus were paramount, but we’d have to sit through two grueling rounds to see who would be crowned the king of the dominoes.

The first round was completed and counted – Hannah was crowned and victorious….  The atmosphere was tense, the judge slowly moved round the table, with the others precisely toppling and counting their dominoes, but no-one could match Hannah’s stratospheric count of 21. Until, the judge reached Mr. Wong. He had a tower of dominoes on his paper, Hannah was nervous. Everyone leaned in… 18, 19, 20… and finally 21.

Hurrah! So we now have a King and a Queen of domino stacking and toppling. Our official GWR judge revealed the previous record was 18, so Hannah and Dan are now officially joint GUINNESS WORLD RECORD holders!

With space in the Fever trophy cabinet duly cleared and the certificates now taking pride of place, we always knew we were world class at PR, but now we are also the World’s best at dominoes!


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