What does the Eye of Sauron, a Pokémon, and a duck have in common? – The PlayStation 5 apparently

Last week the Internet was a buzz with news of the PlayStation 5. The new console’s design was revealed alongside a slew of awesome looking launch games coming at launch, in a livestream that lasted over an hour.

With 2020 coming up pretty short so far in the fun stakes – with even this launch happening in place of a live event due to global lockdown – it was great to get some good news for a change.

Of course, even the brightest of news isn’t safe from a little good-natured mockery from the Internet at large, and the PS5 has been no different.

The striking design (we actually quite like it here at Fever Towers, but hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that) has sparked some cheeky gamers to poke a little light-hearted fun at Sony’s gaming goliath.

We’ve handpicked a few of our favs below.

Duck Duck No

You’d have to be ‘quackers’ to find this pun funny

Credit: @kindekuma

PlayStation 5 used lick attack…

…it wasn’t super effective

Credit: Sephiroth 1204

One console to rule them all?

Someone’s getting scoured for this one (too soon JR.R.?)

Credit: Razor of Artorias

Wait, what time it is?

Time to du-du-du-dueeeel

Credit: @NaeemBStewart

Here’s hoping the PS5 never has Wifi issues

Quite a few of these about, but this one is ?

Credit: @soulkinglives

This one we thought was exCELLent (eh, eh?)


Credit: @thekingsletter

Your holiness

*bows head*

Looking for the PS5…

…in Al-der-raan places (sound that one out)


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