What our mums think we do for a living

The World: “What do you do for a living?”

Us: “I work at a PR, social and influencer agency.”

The World: “Like Ab Fab?” | “Is that advertising” | “WTF does that mean” (delete as approp.)

Truth is most people don’t really know what we do, but surely those closest to us, our parents, the people who rasied us, the ones we confide in and ask advice of, listen enough to understand. Nope. We discovered yesterday we all have to explain what we do for a living every time we see our old folks. That, in turn, sparked a game – text your mum and get her to explain your job in a sentence. Here are the results (unedited):



  • Ok well we can talk about it when you come home
  • That’s tricky, I’ll email
  • I dont know what u do at work.but why are u asking me?
  • Is that question for me? Social Media? Xx
  • What I think you do is Public Relations

Not bad

  • You work with brands by prioritising their products and publicising them to the world
  • Positive product placement using all types of media outlets (when she was told this was a fairly good answer she said “GREAT, do I get my Bolly now” – she really does get us)
  • HI Daniel, I think Fever represent various big names and acts as a middleman between a company and the general public. You and your team write articles, make short films and do photo shoots for companies. But that’s all I know! Am I right?
  • I would describe your job as enforcing a brand by marketing through a medium, be it press TV radio or word of mouth
  • Promoting good public awareness of a company or group
  • a communications specialist who plans campaigns to promote their products to the public/media ect


  • Making my world a happy place

A for effort

  • You create advantageous connections for and with clients to better their business profiles – a multimedia mogul
  • PR? hiring and firing
  • I thought you are also working hard to present a better image to the public
  • You have people realise the value of what they have, and partner with them, so that others see that too – And I don’t really know what you do
  • Working hard and determination to get the good results. take care
  • PR, so that is about changing what journalists write and making people think what you want them to think (creepy)


  • Plenty of smoooooozing alcohol and yip yap about a certain product!
  • Wasting your degree?
  • Parties and pursuing an unhealthy lifestyle
  • For a living you work in public relations; contacting media, journalists, influencers etc on behalf of your clients in order to publicise their products/technology/service/idea/event and get them to feature that product/technology/service/idea/event – Or in short, you piss around at the Ivy Brassiere with journalists and give them free shit


  • Meanwhile, still being blue ticked by my mum 16 hours later


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