What’s Hot? 04/06

This week,we’re asking how you can go from hunk to Unc, explaining Generation D, talking you through the circular economy family tree, and turning to a bull for fashion advice. Oh, and I explain my grand plan to become Twitter’s new weather girl. Cheers to the weekend lads!

The meme we didn’t know we needed: Irish Dad

Last week we were entertained by the Friends Reunion, and this week we were treated to the memes that followed. While plenty focused on how much (or little) the cast has changed over time, our favourite has to be Matt LeBlanc: The Irish Dad at Christmas.

Once the adored lothario Joey, Matt has since become your drunk uncle who laughs at your for studying humanities at university, calls you woke as an insult, and chuckles at how much you’re paying for a pint of Stella in London. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Generation D: Desperate for fame

You may have heard of TikTok’s Generation T, but have you heard of Generation D? Probably not, because I just thought of it, or possibly subconsciously stole it from someone on Instagram.

Anyway, Generation Desperate for Fame are back at it again. After a Twitter lockdown on account verification, they opened their doors to new applications again last week – only to promptly close them one week later after everyone, their aunt, and their cat put in a request. Sounds like a joke, but isn’t one.

The circular economy family tree

Everybody’s favourite crafty aunt Etsy has bought everyone’s annoyingly cool younger cousin Depop. Yes, we’re personifying websites these days. eBay is your mate’s Dad who is always in his shed and Amazon was head boy at your school and now works in one of the big four. It’s obvious, isn’t it?

According to Depop, 90% of their users in the US are under 26, which explains why I constantly ask, “Is this top a little too young for me?”.

Throughout lockdown, buying small and thrifty has been a huge trend, with Generation Z at the forefront. We’ve seen other organisations try to keep up (e.g., IKEAs circular section of pre-loved furniture) but Depop is the OG. Currently, it’s UX leaves a lot to be desired, so we’re excited to see what Aunty Etsy can do to make the shopping experience a little bit smoother.

Our new fashion icon: The bull

If you had asked us a year ago who the Bullring Bull’s stylist (we assume the Bullring Bull has a stylist) would have chosen for its Spring/Summer wardrobe this season, we wouldn’t have guessed Ginny Lemon. Because we hadn’t heard of them.

If you have asked us a week ago, we also wouldn’t have said Ginny Lemon. Because that would be ridiculous. & yet here we are…

Not only was this a fabulous choice due to the bold yellows complementing muted bronze tones, it’s also wonderful to see something so wholeheartedly masculine as a bull in drag. Brava, Ginny.

My plan to become Twitter’s new weather girl

Twitter announced something a bit weird this week: a subscription weather update service. I’ve always seen myself as an inquisitive person, but I’ve been known to say on multiple occasions, “The one thing I do not, and will never, understand is the weather” (yes that’s a sneaky half rhyme in there for all the wannabe poet laureates who I know read this blog).

Twitter’s new weather service will be accessible via a newsletter, but you will have the option to ask unlimited questions to the meteorologists once you have paid. A whopping 1% of sales will do to Environmental Justice charities – you shouldn’t have, @jack! Too generous.

As someone who has never, and will never, understand the weather (verse 2) I can’t exactly say this is for me. After all, how will meteorologist Eric Holthaus feel when I use the unlimited questions to ask him what clouds are? Why it’s only sunny during working hours? Why the wind is really bad every time I decide to go to Brighton?

I would pester Eric until he inevitably steps down from his post. And then the role of Head of Weather at Twitter will be all mine, and I’ll be able to tell everyone what a cloud is when they ask. Watch your back Eric! It’s always the ones you least suspect.


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