What’s Hot 10-02-23

Howdy, gang! How’s it going? Do you have that moment in your working week that marks the start of the weekend? One last call on a Friday PM, maybe AM if you’re lucky? Well for us at Fever Towers it’s when we hit send on our weekly What’s Hot round up. Enjoy!


Glitz, Glam and the Grammys

This week we saw all the glitz and glam of the Grammys, with Harry Styles and Beyonce being some of the stars to take home awards.

Beyonce broke the record for the most Grammys being won, now with 32 awards under her belt. However, for the fourth time, Queen Bey lost in the Best Album of the Year… gutting but all the more reason to make some more music we think.

Another monumental moment was made when Kim Petras won her first Grammy for Best Pop Duo/group performance, becoming the first trans person to ever win! We LOVE to see it.

Lastly, one of our favs, Mr Harry Styles, took home two Grammys for Album of the Year for “Harry’s House” and “As It Was” winning Best Pop Vocal Album. And, of course, he wore a sequined jumpsuit. WE LOVE TO SEE IT.

(are you getting the idea that we loved the Grammys)

We are looking forward to the Brits coming next week, even more so because Mo Gilligan is hosting. Although, are we disappointed there isn’t much diversity for the non-gendered Artist of the Year? Yes.

Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to seeing who wins, and what funky outfits the celebs will wear. Yes Harry Styles, we’re looking at you.


Experimental food market

Ever thought your bao buns could glow in the dark? Or you’d drink your iced tea up-side-down? Well now you can. If anywhere can do it, its London and we’ve never seen food quite like it.

Flavourscapes is taking over Glasshouse Street in Piccadilly Circus for two days from 17th February and is ready and waiting to take you on a sensory journey with their weird and wonderful selection of food and drink which push ALL boundaries. Prepare yourself to try multi-coloured five-cheese fondue fountain with intriguing dipping items like sweet-potato doughnuts, nitrogen ice cream and ginger-and-chilli cocktails.

If all this doesn’t convince you to go, then attending will support a good cause as all profits made from the hot drinks provided will be donating 100 percent of its profits to helping the homeless.


The Rise of the De-Influencer

The latest trend to hit the social media sphere is de-influencing. While the phenomenon may sound like an oxymoron, underneath a hashtag that has over 120 million views thousands of TikTok users are telling their followers what not to buy.

The trend started as a veiled critique of the overconsumption TikTok fuels and an antidote to the myriad products that go viral on the platform. Mainly rooted in the beauty and lifestyle communities, products ranging from Charlotte Tilbury Contour wands to AirPod Pros have been critiqued as underwhelming and labelled as ‘must buys no more’.

It’s a little bit of a headscratcher and one that has got the Fever team thinking over the last week: isn’t de-influencing still a form of influencing? Are platforms like TikTok likely to be a hub of anti-consumerist revolution? We think not. Already, de-influencing videos are beginning to metamorphosis into another format in which products are plugged, with influencers beginning to suggest ‘dupes’ for expensive cult products.

Still, the trend is an interesting reminder that many consumers are tuning out of the micro-trend cycle, and instead looking to spend more carefully, use more consciously, and waste less as a result.


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