What’s Hot 16/12/22

With Christmas right around the corner and let’s face it, it’s been bloody cold, the Fever team has been making good use of our time by staying in, keeping warm and enjoying good TV. From the jaw-dropping season finale of The White Lotus to the scheming of BBC’s The Traitors and an insight into royal life in Harry & Meghan, here’s what you can catch us bingeing.



The Traitors has been a hit the last few weeks and each week it just keeps getting better, with scandal after scandal, including many tears and arguments, which as we all know, are the key ingredients to any good reality tv show.

The aim of the game is to find out who out of the 20 faithfuls are the traitors (there’s three of them) and slowly chip away to eliminate the bad from the good to win a prize of £120,000. In order to win, the participants take part in tasks, commit murder (not really) and get banished from the game. Though really, this is a game of manipulation and trust. Everyone in the game appears to be loyal and makes sure that their name stays out of people’s mouths by joining in with all the conversations and pointing fingers at who the traitors could be.

We are currently at the halfway point of the show, and without giving any spoilers, as the game progresses, friendships are made and the trust deepens it’s getting harder to identify who could possibly be the traitor, and who’s capable of betraying the faithfuls.

The show is hosted by our favourite fringed friend, Claudia Winkleman, and we must say she really adds to the terror and tension of the traitors (yes we’re talking about *that* scarf meme).

Intrigue, people screwing each other over, Claudia? What more could you want for an evening in.


The White Lotus

If The White Lotus theme song isn’t living in your head rent-free this week, you might want to get checked out. We can’t open TikTok without being met with a new mix, and even The Killers opened their show in Melbourne with the track. And it’s not surprising, the song is a certified banger, and the show has had an absolute chokehold on society over the past eight weeks.

The White Lotus came to a shocking conclusion in all its camp glory earlier this week when… don’t worry, there are no spoilers here because some people aren’t up to date. Although trying to skip spoilers online this week would be like trying to dodge the cold going round at our Christmas party last week. Yep, next to impossible.

From the Gen-Z’ness of Portia’s eye-watering outfits to the legend that is Jennifer Coolidge, this season didn’t miss a beat when it came to cultural commentary, iconic one-liners and truly wonderful storytelling that had us all gripped and discussing theories around the water-cooler (Slack) come Tuesday morning.

The finale didn’t disappoint. People rightly got their comeuppance, heroes and villains of the season got revealed and acting performances blew us all away with ten seconds of Meghann Fahey expressing about twenty emotions through her eyes, putting her in good stead for award season. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to The White Lotus and start imagining who will grace us in the next instalment. Here at Fever, we would love to see Catherine O’Hara,  Stanley Tucci, Rose Byrne and Kim Cattrall pack their bags for a luxury escape. Let the games begin!


Harry & Meghan

Ever since the 2016 announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are dating, we haven’t been able to open a newspaper without seeing some sort of news about the couple. The opinions on the pair are polarised, and they only intensified after #Megxit (weirdly, no reference to Harry here…).

To tell their side of the story, Harry & Meghan gave an interview to America’s Queen, Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. It was a short one, giving just a small insight into their side of what’s been going on in the Royal family. So naturally, the only answer was a six-part Netflix documentary.

The first three episodes focus on how the couple met and the lead up to the wedding. To be honest, there was nothing groundbreaking here that the public didn’t already know, but in this writer’s humble opinion, it was nice to see the couple talk about their lives in a way they feel comfortable. We also found out that they have matching penguin onesies and with that, we are obsessed.

Second half of the documentary is where we get what we all came here for – *the drama*. Harry & Meghan finally let us in on what’s been going on behind closed doors since the wedding, and that’s exciting even for those of us who aren’t royalists. The British public lives for the drama and we are, simply put, very nosy. That’s why we love reality tv.

We will leave you to make your own mind up but our take? Here at Fever HQ we think that this documentary will not be changing your existing views on them – you will view through the lens of your opinion, and whatever that opinion is, the documentary will only solidify that.


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