What’s Hot – 23/09/22

What’s Hot! returns to your screens once again after a mourning hiatus with a whirlwind of cool stuff. Whether it’s Tesco looking out for its customers, Sinéad O’Dwyer killing it at London Fashion Week or Lil Nas X showing his gamer side with a League of Legends collab… take a look!


Ask Beth

A new initiative called ‘Ask Beth’ has been applauded by Tesco shoppers and across social media. You may have seen something similar in pubs and clubs, with posters stating ‘Ask Angela’ which encourage people who feel in danger and need help to get home safely from their night out to head to the bar and ask for assistance.

In this instance, ‘Ask Beth’ has been made to combat and help diminish period poverty, which thousands of women around the UK struggle with as they can’t afford to buy their sanitary products when they’re on their period. So, how does ‘Ask Beth’ work? Tesco made a statement on their socials which stated:

“If you are in need of sanitary products please go to our Customer Service Desk and ask for a bag BETH has left for you. You will be given a FREE package with everything you need.”

“We won’t ask questions. Don’t feel embarrassed. We’re here to help.” It ended with the hashtags ‘Every Little Helps’ and ‘End Period Poverty’.”

We really like the understated nature of this purpose led initiative. It seems authentic and genuine and whilst clearly doesn’t hurt from a positive PR perspective, is a genuinely helpful resource. The fact it’s needed at all is another matter but not one for this blog today…


LFW Saw Sinéad O’Dwyer Show How It’s Done 

Sinéad O’Dwyer is a London-based fashion designer, who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2018. She made her debut at London Fashion Week last week and it was definitely not one to be missed nor one that will be forgotten anytime soon.

Originally scheduled to take place on the same day as the Queen’s funeral, Sinéad was set a challenge of rescheduling and recasting her runway last minute, a challenge she was most certainly up for and the outcome says it all.

Known for challenging the inherent body dysmorphia that comes linked with contemporary fashion, Sinéad set out to promote body diversity through the casting and designs.

O’Dwyer’s cast of models included a range of models from sizes 8 to 26, as well two models using wheelchairs, which was a first for a major show at London Fashion Week, a fact that in itself speaks volumes. It’s clear O’Dwyer is paving the way for an inclusive fashion industry, the way it should be.

And let’s not forget the collection itself, which was made up of playsuits, body-moulded dresses, panelled shorts, sheer slips and some incredible tailored pieces – truly mesmerising. A colour range from shimmering lilac to sky blue chromatic captivated the eyes of the audience as O’Dwyer’s breath-taking garments and models held the stage.

If this is the London Fashion Week we can expect every year, you can expect a Fever attendance at them all.


Lil Nas X steps out Star Walkin with new LoL Worlds 2022 anthem

The eagerly-awaited release of the annual League of Legends World Championship anthem has been a long-standing tradition within the ever growing esports global fandom, ever since Imaging Dragons put pen to paper back in 2014 for the iconic ‘Warriors’ – the song which set the wheels in motion for Riot Games to try meet that measure year after year.

However, instead of opting for another amped-up pop-punk banger, or attempting another EDM stomper like they did with Zedd’s 2016 anthem ‘Ignite’ – Riot has opted for something with a little more…well, style.

Announced earlier this week, Lil Nas X has been called up to deliver the anthem which will encompass this year’s Worlds tournament, which is due to kick off late next week in venues across North America and Mexico – and he did not disappoint. ‘Star Walkin’ is a hip-hop pop fusion which takes a different approach to what we’re used to – and it absolutely slaps. Despite receiving mixed reviews online, the track has already surpassed four million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, and the views just keep on coming.


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