What’s Hot 29/10/22

Another week, another PM and, more importantly, another What’s Hot. It’s a long one this week, with lots of fun stuff on our radar, but most importantly a tribute to Leslie Jordan, so we’ll dive straight in.


Mourning the loss of an LGBTQIA+ Icon – Leslie Jordan

Whether it was his seminal performance in Will & Grace, or the iconic 2020-2022 run of TikTok posts which kept us howling through the toughest periods of pandemic – Leslie Jordan charmed his way into the hearts of many.

Known for his uplifting flamboyance and kind-hearted nature (his online fan interactions are just part of the proof), the impact of Leslie’s comedy career was appreciated by many all over the world by straight and queer fans alike – making his death a bitter pill to swallow.

His recent rise on social media opened up the TV veteran to a whole new generation of younger fans who quickly fell in love with his southern charm and hilarious anecdotes. Upon hearing of his death his agent said the world became a “darker place” now that he’s gone, and that couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Sitting here, rewatching his TikTok reaction to Cardi B’s WAP, brings a tear to the eye of this writer – despite the obvious subject matter. He was a man who not only understood his audience but understood the importance somebody of his calibre had on that audience – a gay man of a different generation acting as an ideal role model for those who came after.

Rest in peace to the icon, the legend, the ray of light in our lives we didn’t deserve – Leslie Jordan.


Loyle Carner & Arctic Monkeys

It’s been a big couple of weeks for the music world, as we’ve had two huge new albums hit the shelves… well not shelves but you know what we mean.

The first, from Loyle Carner, called hugo and the second The Car by Artic Monkeys. Two very different styles of music, but two great albums fronted by gorgeous men with fantastic hair – in our humble opinion.

Loyle Carner’s third album has been described as a ‘beautiful and blistering masterpiece’; as the London rapper discusses his struggles with his history, his lack of a father figure, UK politics and his battle with anxiety. It’s a raw and very open piece, and should not be missed.

The return of Arctic Monkeys – it’s been a four year wait since Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino! – has been long awaited ever since a farmer accidentally announced they were recording on his land. Yeah really, it happened. Google it.

The new album has been said to be similar to their older, iconic albums but with a more grown up and poetic way of expressing themselves. Rave reviews are already pouring in and with the Sheffield boys set to go on tour later next year we’re set to have this one on repeat for a while yet.


The SpongeBob Musical from out of a pineapple and onto a UK premiere tour

On a slightly different, but not less important musical note… we turn to Bikini Bottom.

We all know and love SpongeBob SquarePants who lives in a pineapple with his pet snail Gary, on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Well, the loveable sea sponge is leaving our screens and his position as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab and taking the journey all the way to cities such as London and Birmingham where the major Broadway hit The SpongeBob Musical is set to take off.

A US production that was first seen in Chicago in 2016 is finally making its way to London next year… and boy are we excited.

Featuring SpongeBob alongside other greats including Patrick, Squidward and Eugene, the musical can only be described as a shot of nostalgia as it takes you back to your childhood (for our younger readers admittedly)  with all the classic characters and original tunes.

The musical will play for a five week season at the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall from 26 July to 26 August meaning you’ve got a whole month to enjoy the musical… and who says it has to be only the once?


The Horror Show!

Spooky season is upon us, and Somerset House is putting on The Horror Show! for an in depth look at the concept of ‘horror’.

The exhibition poses the question that with so much real-life horror going on in the world, who would want to go to an exhibition to see any more? Curated by both Jane Pollard and Ian Forsyth, who see horror as a way through the darkness they’ve used this exhibition for people to experience horror but in a contained way, as they compared it to a fairground ride where you can get off at the end.

The exhibition focusses on periods from the 1970s to the present day, where you can find a model of Margaret Thatcher, which is on loan from the programme’s archive at Cambridge University. One of the many works in the show, that Claire Catterall, senior curator for Somerset House says comes as a direct response to Thatcher’s moral and political philosophy.

With over 200 artworks composed and culturally significant objects this exhibition takes visitors on a journey of through the turbulent cultural and social landscape of life in the UK from the 1970s onwards and is not one to be missed.

The final section of the exhibition is however positive and seems in some way celebratory as Catterall describes it as a way of conveying hope and optimism. Here the artworks look towards the ‘global coven’ which is formed by the younger generation and looks into the redemptive possibilities and spirituality of wicca.

The exhibition truly takes you on a journey, so if you’re prepared for it, get yourself down to Somerset House.

And that’s it from us for another week. Don’t forget the clock change this weekend and see you next week.


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