What’s Hot – 30/09/2022

It’s October tomorrow… weird. Where’s 2022 gone? Anyway, we’ve been celebrating at Fever HQ this week as we picked up yet another gong for our NOW x Succession campaign – this time at the Creative Moment Awards. An incredible achievement and we were up against some other awesome work so we are chuffed (and hungover) today.

What’s Hot this week gives Virgin a pat on the back, takes a look at Gucci’s horde of twins, gives local radio a shout out, and you’ll even find a little mini review of Don’t Worry Darling at the end too. Enjoy!


Virgin Atlantic launches gender-neutral uniform

Brilliant to see Virgin Atlantic is taking further steps to become a more inclusive brand. The airline has announced a gender identity policy that lets its staff choose which of the Vivienne Westwood-designed outfits they wear to work no matter of their gender, gender identity or gender expression. The crew, pilots and ground staff can now wear whichever uniform they feel most comfortable in, regardless of the original male or female design of its red skirt suit or burgundy trousers.

This comes after they recently relaxed rules on visible tattoos and will also start using optional pronoun badges for crew and passengers. Virgin states that these moves are to reflect the diversity of the workforce. And we have to say, it’s definitely doing that, and for that we applaud Virgin.


Twinning is winning at Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2023 Show

This year’s Spring/ Summer fashion shows came to a close this week, with the season finishing up in Milan where Gucci’s Twinburg show wowed audiences by sending 68 pairs of twins down the runway.

At the beginning of the show the audience were unaware they watching twins as they were seated in two different rooms with a screen splitting the space. Until, in the final moments, (cue dramatic fashionist gasps) the screen was lifted, and each model joined hands with their twin, creating a highly stylised and memorable finale.

Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, shared more about his fascination with twins and in the show notes, mentioned that his mum was a twin and his inspiration for the show, due to how she and her twin ‘they were magically mirrored.’

As impressive as this show was to watch, it did have us wondering how Gucci managed to scout 68 pairs of identical twins, and although we can’t find a solid answer, they were rumoured to have sent undercover scouts to ‘Twins Day’, an annual twin convention in Ohio which we expect is as bizarre as it sounds.

This unique creative direction combined perfectly with Gucci’s bold and eclectic collection has meant this show has earned its place amongst the best runway shows of the Season and reminds us that personal style isn’t just about the clothes, but the personality you bring to them.


Don’t Worry Darling – bad press might be good press, after all 

We’ve seen the drama, we’ve seen the memes, and we’ve seen Florence Pugh’s lack of appearances when it came to promote Olivia Wilde’s new movie. So, it was only right that we went to see Don’t Worry Darling when it finally appeared in the cinemas and see what all the fuss was about.

If you threw the plots of The Truman Show, The Stepford Wives and Mad Men into an AI generator, I reckon you’d get the Don’t Worry Darling script out of it. The premise is interesting, and unsurprisingly, Florence Pugh’s performance was outstanding. Wilde’s direction is good, and her and her cinematographer did a great job at capturing the 50s vibe of Victory.

However – and this critic says it as a former One Direction fan – throughout the film we couldn’t help but wonder what Harry Styles was doing there. His performance is flat, and pales in comparison to Pugh who is probably one of the biggest talents of our generation. Styles simply can’t keep up with that. And that’s okay, we can’t all be good at everything. Let’s see how he does in My Policeman though, and then we’ll be able to give our final opinion on his singer to actor transition.

Although the end does reveal what is going on in the desert town of Victory, it still leaves so many unanswered questions, but we recommend you go and see the film based on Pugh’s performance alone – but be prepared to not be able to stop thinking about all the behind the scenes drama, which sadly continues to overshadow a lot of the film.

Let’s here it for Local Radio

This week our Prime Minister, after a few days of news headlines that disproved the notion (if it needed disproving further) that ‘all PR is good PR’ decided to embark on a round of regional radio interviews. Many commentators assumed this was because she wanted an easy ride of it (we couldn’t possibly comment on that) but it’s safe to say that is not what happened. Interview after interview had razor sharp local breakfast press asking the questions that mattered most to their listeners. And it reminded us of the importance of local journalism and that underestimating it is a very bad idea.

See you next week!


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